Skills Ready helps you discover and develop the attributes that will help you become employable.


If you find satisfaction when you have built something at home, work or school or know that a desk job is not for you – a career in construction could be an option for you.

Working in construction can open many doors and the certifications you will earn provide you with experience and skills that are in demand. From work on the tools to managing projects and owning your own company, the possibilities are endless.

You are more ready than you think.

Everyday you are developing the attitudes, skills and knowledge that employers look for in new workers. From your position on the soccer team to the projects you take on at home – you are continually learning and developing yourself to be ready to begin your career after high school.


A RED SEAL ENDORSEMENT is a trades-ticket valid across the country and around the world.

50+ CERTIFIED  TRADES to discover in BC and many more non-certified and related occupations.

LEARN HOW TO DO THINGS YOURSELF Build a home. Turn ideas into reality. Develop skills that last a lifetime.



FutureBuilder is a quick and easy tool to track your achievements and connect you to the construction industry. Use the app to build and prove you have the Attitude, Skills, and Knowledge needed to succeed in construction.

  • Access FutureBuilder through the FutureBuilder page on the website
  • Click on "Register as new user" from the bottom of the new page.
  • Select "Student" as your role. Parent/guardian approval is required for students under the age of 19. Students under 19 years old must provide an email address for a parent/guardian.
  • Fill out the registration page and press "Submit".
  • If you are a student under 19 years old, your parent/guardian will receive an email. They will create a parent/guardian account to approve you as a user.
  • Once your account has been approved you will be able to login to the app.

To Input Your Information:

  • Select one of the four levels from the homepage (Discover Ready, Exploration Ready, Work Ready, and Apprenticeship Ready).
  • Add your achievements into the six categories; Activities, Skills, Certifications, Fitness and Focus, Projects, and Jobs.
  • Promote your achievements to one of the four levels. Only one item can be promoted to each level at a time so select the items that represent you the best. The promoted items are what an employer will see when you share with them.

As you progress, share with teachers, parents, employers or others who support you to complete the levels.  Get endorsements on projects, volunteer activities and work experience.

  • On the homepage of FutureBuilder, select the "Contacts" icon.
  • Select "Add New Contact" and enter the contact's name, email and relationship to you.
  • Select the "Badges" icon from the homepage.
  • Select "View All" and make sure the items you wish to share have a checked box beside them. Items without a checked box will not be seen by others.
  • Select the "Share" button in the badges window.
  • Select the recipient you wish to share with and write them a message.
  • Press the "Send" button.

Meet industry experts through work experience and ITA Youth Programs. Find out how Skills Ready can help by contacting a Career Catalyst.

Share your achievements with employers when you graduate to discover entry level jobs and apprenticeships.

If you’re not sure how to complete a task, ask for help from your parents, teachers, or local Career Catalyst.  On-site employers expect you to ask when you’re unsure, as it keeps everyone safe and gets the job done right.