THE SHIFT: from care to career

Every year approximately 1000 young people transition from care in British Columbia, suddenly losing their home and their support system in the process. Many of them are faced with hard times and may be unable to find their way toward productive and happy lives.


The SHIFT reduces barriers and connects young people from care with the tools and training needed to be successful on the job site.

Realize Potential

Working with existing organizations and programs, we connect with youth prior to and after their transition out of care to help them develop the skills and abilities that will lead to a future in the construction industry. By identifying and accessing existing programs and activities, youth will build their resume through our FutureBuilder online tool. The objective is to help them develop the Attitude, Skills and Knowledge that employers look for in a new hire.

Provide Mentorship

Helping to develop a young person’s connection to their community is key.  Our mentors provide ongoing support and advice as youth transition into their construction career.  Our mentors also facilitate connections to industry professionals, accelerating additional opportunity for long term mentorship.

Develop Skills & Training

The Shift reduces barriers and connects young people with the tools and training needed to be successful on the job site. From drivers’ licenses to safety certifications, and industry led construction 101 programs including short term work experience we provide opportunities for young people to accumulate the education and training needed to get a start in Industry.

Provide a Bridge to Employment

Many construction companies are small and do not have an HR department.  This can make it difficult for a young person to connect with employment. The Shift works with the BC Construction Association’s Skilled Trades Employment Program to connect the young person with that first opportunity of employment in the industry.  Once employment is attained, apprenticeship can provide the “earn while you learn” environment that will get young people on the road to success.

Continued Support

As the young person continues into apprenticeship, The Shift team continues to provide mentorship and funding support for tuition where needed.

Apply Today

We are currently partnering with the Vancouver Island Construction Association to deliver free training to young people looking to enter a career in construction.  CONTACT US FOR MORE INFORMATION


Through the SHIFT initiative, the Construction Foundation of BC is pleased to work with the Victoria Foundation to provide Driver’s Licence training for youth in care or youth who have transitioned from care.

To apply for the Shift's Driver Training Fund, or learn more, visit: