Skills Ready aims to support Educators in the work they do every day to create the industry leaders of tomorrow.

Building on activities that occur in classrooms across the province, the Skills Ready collection of tools are an extension to the good work being done by you to prepare students for life after high school.

The assignments, projects and extracurricular activities that students participate in on a daily basis are providing them with the fundamental Attitudes, Skills and Knowledge required to be successful in the workforce.  The Skills Ready tools are geared to help students sort these activities into a central location that will empower them to connect with their educators, mentors and future employers in new and effective ways.

Skills Ready in your classroom.


Skills Ready Presentations explore concepts around employability. From the core attributes of attitude, skills and knowledge that comprise the Industry ASK, to the basics of workplace safety that are explored in our LearnSafe presentations -  students take part in guided discussions and activities that develop these attributes and demonstrate that they are employable.


Skills Ready Showcase events and Opportunity Fairs bring local employers into classrooms and provide students with the opportunity to connect with employers and share their projects. Participants discover first-hand how what they do in school bridges to the world of work.

Through our many industry partners, the Skills Ready team also facilitates a variety of workplace tours to manufacturing facilities and construction sites. These tours help students see the wide variety of careers that exist in our communities. In a number of instances, they have also lead to work experience and apprenticeship opportunities.


Skills Ready partners with educators to build the bridge to industry for students in high school. From the first experience in industry through to high school apprenticeship opportunities, Skills Ready facilitates the community of industry supporters who are creating the first chance for a student to start on their trades or technology career path. Collaborate with Skills Ready to arrange interactive activities and direct connections to employers for your students.


The Rubric is a tool used to identify employer expectations of young workers starting out in the workforce. It is developed with industry direction and can be used as a way to understand, and prepare for, the experience of starting most entry level skilled trade jobs. It is designed to be integrated with the new Applied Design, Skills and Technologies and can be used as a classroom tool.

The Rubric can be used as a student self-assessment or as a tool for employers or teachers to provide assessment. It may be appropriate to use the Rubric at the beginning and end of a course or work experience in order to highlight where a student has demonstrated growth or requires additional focus.

The Rubric is available in a booklet or poster format.


Our Career Catalysts are a resource to you. As experienced tradespeople who have the training to impart workplace and industry realities to students, their in-class presentations on the Industry ASK and FutureBuilder may be a good supplement to your curriculum.

In addition to in-class presentations and student support, the Catalysts have access to a rich network of employers who are interested in supporting young people via classroom presentation, work experience and site visits.

We invite you to contact the Career Catalyst in your area to learn more or Request a Presentation.

Get Connected

Whether you are a shop class teacher, a career coordinator, or would like to introduce skilled trade career options to your students, Skills Ready can help.

Complete our booking request form or reach out to the Career Catalysts to bring Skills Ready to your school or class.

The Industry ASK Poster, Rubric, Career Path and others are all available on the website. If you wish to receive printed copies of any of these resources, please contact your Career Catalyst.

  • As a careers teacher, the knowledge that I have a team of professional and hardworking individuals who can act as a liaison between the school system and employer groups is invaluable. We know our 'educational world', but if we do not have recent and a deep involvement in the "construction world", which most of us do not, having this link is critical.
    Don Cameron, School District 61
  • Thank you for all the hard work you do for us and district. You are making and providing an amazing opportunity to our students and community by bridging the gap between employers and future stars in the trades.
    Stephen Macinnis, School District 83
  • The 'Skills Ready' showcase initiative is exactly what some of our young people need to help guide them in their post secondary career decisions. I know for a fact that after today's experience, a number of my students are definitely considering a career in the trades.
    Mike Booth, School District 83

Resources & Downloads

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The Industry ASK poster provides an overview of the Attitude, Skills and Knowledge that employers look for in a new hire.


The Rubric is a tool that educators can use with students to assess their performance in and out of class.


A tool used to identify employer expectations of young workers starting out in construction employment.