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The Skills Ready Project of the Week Spotlight for the week of April 17, 2020 was submitted by Mr. Clint Maltais of Peter Greer Elementary School. Mr. Maltais’ project is a Pollinator Hotel for bees, and is appropriate for students from Grades 4-6.  Using a mix of nails, mesh wire, staples, wood glue, food grade


Looking for activities you can tackle from home? Below is a selection of projects that are perfect for a home setting; these could be the activities you’re looking for! 1. Open School – Keep Learning The Ministry of Education has put together a series of resources to help parents during this time of distant learning.

The Construction Foundation’s Skills Ready team has been taking measures to help limit the spread of COVID-19 by moving to remote work protocols for our offices. But that does not mean our work has stopped. One thing we know is that learning happens in a number of different ways and that is why we are

VICTORIA, BC – For the past two weeks, students from the Vancouver area have been hard at work in the classroom, learning and preparing to hit the water in a cardboard boat that they have designed and constructed. In what has become an annual competition, two schools are tasked with the design and testing of


Are you ready to apply for your first job? Maybe you’ve been working for awhile but want to move on to something new. What do you need to apply for that job? A resume. Below, we’ve outlined some important information you should include on your resume and some of the do’s and don’ts of resume

Skills Ready and the Central Okanagan Public School/BCIT Construction Electrician Foundation class recently hosted a Showcase Event to highlight the electrical students’ work and to connect them with Industry. Employers were introduced to students in an environment that is familiar and comfortable for the students, allowing them to express themselves more openly and with more

BENEFITS OF TAKING A SHOP CLASSIf it wasn’t for taking a few shop classes in high school, I may not have pursued the trades as a career. It opened my eyes to a career option outside of attending a college, university or working in the local industrial plant. I enjoyed building things with my hands

The Skills Ready team works to find new and exciting ways to introduce the Industry ASK to young people in the province. One such way we have found to do this is through sport. Ultimate Frisbee was introduced to the team through one of our career catalysts, and is quite simply, an exercise in Social

Happy National Indigenous Peoples Day!  Today we celebrate the achievements, heritage and cultures of Indigenous peoples across Canada.  It is in this spirit, that we would like share and celebrate the accomplishments of the Grade 8 students at W̱SÁNEĆ School in Saanichton. Over the last few months, our Skills Ready colleague, Dean Heron, was welcomed by community members and

Through our Ultimate Skills initiative, we are proud to support Ultimate Spirit, an ISPARC Honour Your Health Challenge, developed to introduce the youth of Stz-uminus First Nation to the game of Ultimate Frisbee. On Monday, March 11th Ultimate Spirit took flight with a gathering of community and supporters in celebration of life, health and play.

Students from Templeton Secondary and John Oliver Secondary came together earlier this week to try their hand at boat building! The competition preparations began last week when industry professionals provided preliminary instruction to the students and shared some of the fundamentals that would help them be successful on the big day. Yesterday 75 students worked

All Girls Trade Sampler Class

Skills Ready Showcase Events bring industry employers into the classroom in an informal setting to see the good works that are going on in shop classes across the province. The Female Trades Sampler class in School District 23 invited us in to hold a showcase event with them just before the holidays. This amazing class

This past Tuesday, we brought 40 Mount Douglas Secondary students to the University of Victoria for a career exploration opportunity. The students braved the rain and toured the newly built District Energy Plant, a highly innovative and beautiful building on campus. The Project Co-ordinator for the construction of the building, Brandon, explained the challenges and


On Tuesday, December 4th a group of students from Byrne Creek Secondary in Burnaby were treated to a very special Behind the Scenes Tour. This Skills Ready Behind the Scenes tour took place in the Port of Vancouver. As the largest and most diversified port in Canada, the Port of Vancouver connects with over 170

STARTING ON THE TOOLS Jessica Sidhu is the Lead Project Coordinator with Kinetic Construction. She got her start in the construction industry when she was 17 years old. Jessica took an ACE IT (now “Youth Train in Trades”) program during secondary school. Youth Train in Trades is a dual credit program earning students secondary school

Earlier this month our Skills Ready Career Catalyst and Ultimate Skills Coach, Jimmy Roney, took some time out of the office to volunteer at a youth leadership camp named Ultimate Peace. Ultimate Peace was established by a group of dedicated volunteers who saw an opportunity to bring two groups of young people together, who would

WHY WELDING? Trevor Chown’s interest in welding began in high school during his time in a shop class. Upon learning the basics of welding, Trevor realized it came quite naturally to him. Observing this same attribute, Trevor’s shop teacher approached him with the idea of taking a South Island Partnership (SIP) Dual Credit Program with