Skills Ready provides tools for young people to prove they are work ready, while enabling them to build a real world understanding of the advantages of starting out in the skilled trades and technologies can do for their future.


Skills Ready is an initiative of the Construction Foundation of BC that identifies and promotes the essential skills required for success within the skilled trades and technologies.
In 2016, the initiative launched as Construction Ready, with a focus on preparing young people to transition into construction careers. Since that time, the initiative has grown to encompass support for youth, educators and employers that will enable more young people to transition successfully into the skilled trades and technologies across a number of sectors.
With guidance and support provided by our Career Catalysts, Skills Ready enables industry to connect with educators and young people in order to bridge the gap into apprenticeship and long term careers.

A new approach to workplace readiness.

Through our Skills Ready initiative, we are able to build bridges between industry and the next generation of skilled professionals. By bringing industry members to the classroom via presentations and showcase events, youth are able to begin building their professional networks while still in school. In many cases these connections have enabled young people to land their first job on the way to apprenticeship much sooner than if they had attempted to connect with an employer on their own.


Skills Ready Presentations explore concepts around employability. From the core attributes of attitude, skills and knowledge that comprise the Industry ASK, to the basics of workplace safety that are explored in our LearnSafe presentations - students take part in guided discussions and activities that develop these attributes and demonstrate that they are employable.


Skills Ready Showcase events and Opportunity Fairs bring local employers into classrooms and provide students with the opportunity to connect with employers and share their projects. Participants discover first-hand how what they do in school bridges to the world of work. Through our many industry partners, the Skills Ready team facilitates a variety of workplace tours to sites such as manufacturing facilities and construction sites. These tours help students see the amazing variety of careers that exist in our communities. They may also lead to work experience or apprenticeship opportunities.


Skills Ready works with educators to build the bridge to industry for students in high school. From the first experience in industry through to high school apprenticeship opportunities, Skills Ready facilitates the community of industry supporters who are creating the first chance for a student to start on their trades or technology career path. Collaborate with Skills Ready to arrange interactive activities and direct connections to employers for your students.


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